The purpose of this club shall be to study such subjects and undertake such activities as shall be
decided upon by the members, in order that they may broaden their vision through increased
knowledge and render service throughout the community.

                                       President                                     Joanne Rosamond
                                           First Co-Vice Presidents                Camille D'Antonio / Lindley Thomasset
                                           Second Vice President                   Sissel Gunvaldsen
                                           Recording Secretary                      Karen Hanratty
                                           Corresponding Secretary                Lorraine O'Connor
                                           Treasurer                                      Lynda O'Hanlon

Tuesday, September 14, 2021
Meeting and Luncheon
Bedford Hills Memorial Park (Weather permitting)
10:30am Board Meeting/11:30am General Meeting

Hello All,

Please be sure you are sitting down for some EXCITING NEWS! The Community Center will be open sooner than expected----sometime in July. Isn’t that great?

I plan on scheduling a meeting within the next few weeks, weather permitting. We shall meet outdoors, either at the Bedford Hills Park or Marie Scarsella’s home. Together we shall enjoy a simple lunch and the pleasure of each other’s company.

Three positions are open for elections this year on our board, First Vice President, Treasurer and Corresponding Secretary. Treasurer, Lynda O’Hanlon, will serve another term as will Corresponding Secretary Lorraine O’Connor. First Vice President is open for nominations. Please submit your suggestions to me by Friday, March 19. I need a response from EVERYONE! A name for the nomination or I do not have a suggestion.

Next, we need volunteers throughout the year. Volunteer! This is the perfect opportunity for you newer members to get to know the others.  
Patti Di Pietro has volunteered to Chair the Home and Travel Committee. Kathleen’s Tea Room in Peekskill will be first on her agenda.

The Book Club is without a Chair. Lindley Thomasset chaired for 10 years and is in need of a break. If you love to read and would enjoy meeting with some our other Bookworms, won’t you consider chairing this committee. Please call me.  

We are continuing to collect soap, (Dove or one without any alcohol) for the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility. This will end on April 1. Soap may be left on my porch, 20 Sunset Drive.


My Best to All, Joanne

Bedford Hills Fire Department 
Bedford Hills Free Library
​Bedford Hills / Katonah Lewisboro Ambulance Corps
Federation of Women's Clubs, Inc.
Fox Lane Senior Class - Five Scholarships
Northern Westchester Community Center Food Pantry
Office of Women
Police Benevolent Association
Project Linus
Thanksgiving baskets for three needy Bedford Hills Families
Westchester Exceptional Childrens School
Wreaths Across America in memory of our Veterans
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For more information, or if you would like to join, please contact us at:
Bedford Hills Woman's Club ®
P.O. Box 433
Bedford Hills,NY 10507
Joanne Rosamond 914-666-8762
Celebrating 95 Years of Service
Recently one of our members came across the BHWC song.  We would like to share it with you.

(to be sung to the tune of 'Flow Gently Sweet Afton')

1.  Come, Woman's Club members! and let us all sing
     A song of our Club and the joy it can bring!
     From what it is giving to us, we can guess
     The secret of living - 'Tis true friendliness!

     Like the ripple that widens the farther it goes,
     Our Club is a circle that ravels and grows -
     Till its power for good shall reach shores yet unknown,
     and friends yet unseen we shall have for our own.

2.  And strong while united, our circle will be;
     That wrong shall be righted, or evil go free
     Depends upon whether or not 'til a whole
     Firm ring, that together, can work for one goal.

     For in righting the wrong, still of this be we sure;
     That each link must be strong, that the circle endure.
     When each member is firmly a link in the chain
     There need be no limit to what we attain!

3.  Our Club is a circle - (a circle ne'er ends!)
     The farther it broadens, the more be our friends!
     And out of our blessings now, so may we bless!
     For the secret of living is just friendliness!

     Like the ripple that widens the farther it goes, 
     Our Club is a circle. While larger it grows,
     May friendship keep growing, as friend needs new friend,
     As a circle, set going, has never an end!

Edith C. Gourlie